Wednesday, 11 July 2007

What Mugabe is looking for r

I am sure Mugabe will like the idea of linking salaries and prices with a Brazilian style Unidade Real de Valor non-monetary real value unit. He can see that salaries and prices have to be linked somehow. He is trying to link them by force.

He is getting the idea. He just does not know how to link them because his economic advisors forget about the fact that Brazil managed to do it. Mugabe wants to do it the way he knows. By force and by police action. He is actually trying to do something.

I think the only reason he does what he is doing is because he does not know about any other way. His advisors also seem to be too scared to stand up to him with the right solutions. He can feel that everybody just wants him to go. I think his advisors also do not have an aswer.

The Unidade de Valor Real is the solution. Someone just has to have the guts to stand toe to toe with Mugabe and tell him this to his face. It is the solution Mugabe is looking for. He must just understand it and then he can implement it. It will work.

Copyright 2007 Nicolaas Johannes Smith

Reviewed 12-04-16

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