Monday, 30 November 2009

Sufficient unreported hidden holding gains can maintain un-updated capital

The real value of Issued Share Capital and Share Premium Account can be maintained even if they are not updated over 100´s of years with unreported and hidden holding gains ONLY if 100% of the original updated real values of all contributions to these accounts are invested in sufficient revaluable variable item fixed assets (revalued via the Revaluation Reserve account or not). But, only in the case of these two items. All other reported constant real value non-monetary items´ real values never maintained are unknowingly destroyed by accountants choosing the HCA model during low inflation.

Very, very few companies have 100% of the original real values of Issued Share Capital and Share Premium Account invested in revaluable fixed assets. Only hotel groups and other property companies.

Hidden and unreported holding gains can not and are not applied to maintaining the real values of other items in Shareholders´ Equity. The reported Retained Profits of all companies are thus being unknowingly destroyed by HC accountants at a rate equal to the inflation rate in all low inflationary economies as they always have been in the past and as it is happening right now and as it will carry on as long as they keep choosing the HCA model - or as long as we do not have sustainable zero inflation.

With financial capital maintenance in units of constant purchasing power the real value of companies´ shareholders equity will be maintained for an unlimited period of time even without any fixed assets at all - as long as these companies at least break even for an unlimited period of time - all else being equal.

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Nicolaas Smith

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