Friday, 31 July 2009

6.1 percent real increase in salaries is good for internal demand. Hope it is not inflationary.

A 13% nominal increase for municipal workers is a 6.1% real increase with annual inflation at 6.9%.

That is good for internal demand in the SA economy. Workers will have 6.9% more real value to spend in the internal economy.

It would be wonderful if the trade unions and workers could find a way to force SA accountants to abandon their silly stable measuring unit assumption.

That would boost the SA real economy by R200 billion each and every year forever.

Just imagine how many extra jobs would be created with a R200 billion boost in the real economy each and every year for an unlimited period of time.

It must be remembered that if shops now push up all prices by 13% then workers will have a zero increase in real value. The real value of their salaries will stay exactly the same. They will have no increase at all.

Let´s see how the battle between shops and Gill Marcus turn out eventually.

It will obviously be a disaster if inflation increases to 13 % again.

Kindest regards,

Nicolaas Smith

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