Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Anglo Plats destroyed R848 million over the last 6 months

Anglo Plats had Accumulated Profits of R 19.045 billion on 31 Dec 2007. Their Board of Directors selected the Historical Cost basis to do their accounting in 2008. They thus do not update the real value of their Accumulated Profits. By not updating it, they destroy its real value at a rate equal to the rate of inflation - the same as you lose real value in Rands you keep at home.

The CPI was 93.3 on 31 Dec 2007 and 102.2 on 31 Dec 2008. If they had applied the IASB´s Framework, Par. 104 (a) [approved 20 years ago] and measured financial capital maintenance in units of constant purchasing power which is compliant with IFRS, they would have maintained that existing R19.045 billion real value on 31.12.07 to the amount of 19.045 X (102.2/93.3) } R20.862 billion on 31.12.2008. They did not. So, they destroyed R20.862 - R19.045 billion = R1.817 billion in the real value of their Accumulated Profits.

On 31.12.2008 they had R19.691 billion (CPI 102.2) of Accumulated Profits. The CPI at the end of May, 2009 was 106.6. They destroyed a further R848 million in the real value of their Accumulated profits over the last 6 months (June CPI not yet available).

The estimated total destroyed like this ANNUALLY for all JSE listed companies in the real value of their Accumulated Profits is about R85 billion.

The conservatively estimated total for SA is about R200 billion PER ANNUM.

Makes you think? Or does it not?

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