Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Scam at previous Venezuela parallel rate site

Scam at previous Venezuela parallel rate site

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Moraima Garcia Says:

Glenn, in truth there is more to the Lechuga Verde case, apparently they were running a scam, selling people dollars at lower prices (apparently dollars they got from SITME) and at some point they stopped paying peolple. There is a web page of the victims with very direct threats to the people of Lechuga Verde. Not sure if the creators of the site have been arrested or even if people really know who they are, but from what you can read online it seems they were not saints wanting to give us information about the real price that must not be mentioned.
  • island canuck Says:

    There’s been some confusion about this. was responsible for defrauding 100′s(?) of people by offering US$ at below market prices. After paying off a few early clients they just stopped paying the rest. A typical Ponzi scheme.
    I think its these owners who Maduro was referring to.
    In the meantime you will see efforts to block access to other sites inside Venezuela that post current rates. One notably is publishing the current price in Cucuta, Colombia (which is a legal & active market) & the Implicit rate (current Bs. in circulation (liquidity) divided by the international reserves on hand).
    Efforts to block access are pretty useless as they also have Twitter & FB accounts.

  • Bloomberg:

    Dollar-Desperate Venezuelans Get Defrauded on Internet

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